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Syncing Google Calendar with Gnome 3 Calendar

I have been using Gnome 3 for a bit now and while I like the look of the calendar, it seemed to be missing an important feature, import my Google calendar. After doing some looking I found an easy way to do this. I have listed the steps I took below.

Note: My current distro is OpenSuse 12.1

Step 1. Open Evolution(No, it doesn’t need to stay open)

Step 2. Open the Calendar Section

Step 3. Click File –> New –> Calendar

Step 4. At New Calendar menu set Google as the type.

Step 5. Fill out the rest of New Calendar accordingly(example below)

Step 6. Click Retrieve List and pick the calendar you want(you will be asked for Google password)

Step 7. Change Refresh time to something reasonable and click Apply.

Step 8. Close evolution, you will no longer need it.