Monthly Archives: January 2013

List Files Last Modified 30 Days

How to list files last modified in the last 30 days via Powershell.  Run these commands in the directory containing the files to filter.

$lastModAge = (get-date).adddays(-30);
Get-ChildItem | Where { $_.LastWriteTime -gt $lastModAge }

XenDesktop Catalog Creation Error

After setting up XenDesktop 5.6 with my vSphere 5.0 environment, I received the below error message when trying to create my first catalog.


XenDesktop 5.6

ESXi 5.0, vSphere 5.0


The Catalog has the following errors:
Failed to create the virtual machine; DOMAIN\ComputerName$; Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source


Proper XenDesktop permissions where not applied at the DataCenter level in vCenter.