Redo Backup

I came across a pretty cool backup and restore tool and thought I would post it. I won’t post to much detail because you can find out all about it at their website(link below).

Tool: Redo Backup & Recovery
What is it: Live Linux distro with a backup and recovery tool

To make a long story short, I downloaded the iso, burned it to a disk, and booted to the disk. Then, I hooked up my external hard drive and ran through the backup process.  Twenty minutes, later I had a backup.  Then, booted up normally and made changes.  I booted back to the disk and restored.  Twenty minutes or so later, life was good.

When comparing this tool to another free backup tool such as Clonezilla, Redo has a GUI which makes it much easier for even the most non technical user.  Redo also seems to be a much quicker process to getting your computer backed up than Clonezilla.  Granted I am speaking from a strictly backing up one computer situation, Clonezilla has other advanced features.



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